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Secret of the Pyramids - Choose Your Own Adventure 19
Complete - Sep. 29, 2014

     These books provided readers with the distinctly game-like opportunity of allowing readers to choose one path over another. The magical combination of choice and story launched this series into legendary status.

     There are twenty endings to Secret of the Pyramids. Some of them are bad and some are good, but only one has my initials hidden in it. The final release version of the game is available below.

     The Choose Your Own Adventure book series has been a favorite of mine since I rifled through a considerable portion of the series in my fourth grade classroom. I translated one of my favorites, Secret of the Pyramids, into a text game, written in C#.

     I was often unable to resist peeking at the next page for any of the choices in these books, but this game version of Secret of the Pyramids will not grant the same opportunity. There are no page numbers to search for here.